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Required and suggested reading ideas for Middle School students. Includes REQUIRED summer reading RITBA nominees MS Smith's top picks... and more

Hamilton and Wheeler 6th Grade Summer Reading 2014

Students must read:

Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli

and two (2) books of your choice. Here is the link to the 6th grade Recommended Reading List for 2014

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Hamilton 7th Grade Summer Reading 2014

Read a free choice book in June, send OR email Mrs. Harris a summary

Read another free choice book in July, send OR emal Mrs. Harris a summary

Read Becoming Naomi Leon by Pam Munoz Ryan in August, arrive the first day of school with a written summary in hand.

Thank you!

Hamilton 8th Grade Summer Enrichment 2014

Please read one book of your own choosing and the book listed below and complete the following assignments:

As you read A Long Journey Home by Julius Lester, take brief notes at the top of each page. Each note should mention a character and an action.

Your creative assignment for A Long Journey Home is to make a 6 window cartoon (one page or poster board sectioned into 6 squares). Each window should depict an event from one of the 6 chapters in the book. At the bottom of each window, write a sentence of your own about the event depicted. On the first day of school, bring in the book containing your notes and the cartoon.

As you read your “free choice” book, find 3 props that would be representative of 3 main ideas in the book. Bring in the book and the 3 props on the first day of school. Have fun!

H8 Summer Writing: 

Write a 250+ word, typed, descriptive, three paragraph essay explaining how you feel about independent reading as an activity. In the body (middle) paragraph, mention a few themes and characters from books you have read, and write about why you think you remember those best. Plan on writing down some notes first, (early July) and handwriting a rough draft or detailed outline (mid-late July) to be handed in along with the final, typed essay (August). Notes, outline/rough draft, and final essay are due the first day of school.

Wheeler 7th Grade Summer Reading 2014


Choose three (3) books to read over the summer. Any genre is okay. Please be ready to discuss the books when we meet in September.


Chains, by Laurie Halse Anderson

Wheeler 8th Grade English Summer Reading 2014

Rising 8th graders should read as widely as possible over the summer, pursuing individual interests and passions in a variety of genres.

Additionally, all 8th graders must read a  version of Homer’s Odyssey, but all of you are free to choose the version that best suits you. 


Robert Fagles’ eloquent 1997 translation of the entire epic

Gareth Hinds’ amazing 2010 graphic version

Rosemary Sutcliffe’s dramatic 1995 version for young adults, The Wanderings of Odysseus

Wheeler 8th Grade History Summer Reading 2014

Read the profile of John Lewis and Heroes of September 11 from Profiles in Courage for Our Time, edited by Caroline Kennedy. Choose two additional profiles to read. Please DO NOT read the Irish Peacemakers.